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DISH Protect

Internet | Identity | Tech Support

Best Value

New $0 Technician Visit
New Joeys at No Upfront Cost
10% Smart Home Services Discount
Free Shipping on Replacement Equipment
Identity Recovery
Identity Protection
Cybersecurity and Anti-Virus
Real-Time Tech Support
Whole-Home Device Protection

$9.99 /mo.1

$12.99 /mo.

$24.99 /mo.

¹$11.99 monthly for customers with both DISH TV and internet services
Shop Satellite TV Local from InterSat Communications Satellite and Computer Repair

Contact us for the best entertainment experience with a local touch.

  • Get up close with the best technology in TV entertainment.
  • Enjoy friendly, personalized service, including advice, installation, and support.
  • Besides getting best-in-class customer service, you’ll also be supporting your local community!
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